Welcome to Practical Spanish.

Practical Spanish is a language course taking place in an informal and relaxed format in a rural location above Loch Ness.

In our two week intensive total  immersion fast track course we offer a fun approach to learning Spanish through engaging language building activities ( ‘hands on’) individually or in a small group.

Those who hope to travel to Spain or South America will find that some knowledge of Spanish will make the experience more rewarding and enjoyable.

Apart from developing confidence in speaking the language this course gives an opportunity to quickly orientate the student in the Hispanic world, its language and culture.


  1. Third most spoken language in the world (almost 500 million speakers) and second most used language in international communication
  2. Introducing the student to the diverse cultures of 23 different countries
  3. First foreign language in many countries (almost 12% of USA population Spanish spoken). The demand for Spanish has doubled worldwide in the last decade.
  4. Latin roots helpful in general as well as in many specialist fields.
  5. Mind stretcher for all ages.

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